Shade Structures

Protect your investment and your playground’s visitors. Shade can help keep your equipment cool to the touch and keep sun damage from jeopardizing your investment. Paint and colored plastic – as well as sensitive skin – are safe under the shade! Automobiles can also be kept cooler and stay out of the paint-fading UV rays of the sun, not to mention the protection from the threat of cancer from harmful prolonged sun exposure!

Great for water parks, dugouts, pool decks, concessions, playgrounds, lounge areas, bleachers, and picnic areas.

Modular Shade ‘add-on’ for Existing playgrounds
Modular shade umbrellas that can be added to existing playground equipment. We have ‘one pole’ or ‘four pole’ designs, in square, rectangle, octagonal, or shade sail designs to shade key areas of the equipment in up to 18’ diameter size. (Click any image below to enlarge.)

Hip Shade
Hip shade structures can be used individually or in groups to create comfortable shaded areas in small, medium, or large areas. This option offers the convenience of ‘growth as needed’ starting with one area, then adding additional shade as use and activity increases.

hipimage020 hipimage022 hipimage024 hipimage018

Expanded Area Shade
Larger shade structures can cover bleachers or play areas depending upon the park layout. For large areas that have year-round heat and high activity, we can combine multiple shades to create as much cover as needed to protect you from the sun.

eximage0030 eximage035 eximage028

Cantilever Shade
Cantilever shades allow shade over a larger area with less disruption of space, while adding a sense of style to any area.

cantimage036 cantimage040 cantimage044 cantimage034

Shade Umbrellas
Single post umbrellas can be strategically placed around the playground, pool, or park to provide the best solution based upon use and activity.

shadeimage050 shadeimage053 shade shadeimage048

Dual Post Umbrellas are stronger and will stand up against higher winds.


Cantilever umbrellas are an inexpensive way to cover small areas like benches, yet are the perfect fit for picnic tables, benches, chairs,or small sandboxes.


Shade Sails
Triangle shades are aesthetically pleasing and are more aerodynamic than basic shade structures. They are designed and installed with the dual function of blocking the most sun, yet allowing the wind to move through, which makes this one of our most popular options.

sailsimage062 sailsimage064 sailsimage066 sailsimage061

We have you covered with our versatile line of shades. Call your dealer now to find out what type of shade best fits your specific needs. Our square and rectangular shades are efficient and economical. They also come in a wide range of sizes. We also offer umbrellas and sails. Our shades are suited to any sort of outdoor activity or playground. Our structural umbrellas are engineered to withstand short gusts of wind up to 75 mph when opened and 93 mph when retracted. They have removable handles with stop to raise and lower the canopy. Our cantilever shades provide the coverage you need and the space you want. These shades don’t have a center post, leaving you with more room to relax. They are able to pivot 360°. The optional pivoting base is perfect for utilizing the shade at varying times of the day for covering more than one area. These shades are 100% UV rated and waterproof. They are also available in a wide range of prices to fit all budgets. We also provide custom structured shades.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 99% protection from dangerous UV rays and painful sunburns, which increase skin cancer risk
  • Protects your play equipment investment
  • Structures stay cooler to the touch
  • Our fabrics provide 80% water repellency
  • Our patent pending “glide elbow”, which enables you to quickly remove and reinstall canopies in case of severe weather