Nylon Netting

image004Knotted nylon backstop netting for baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and more.

Knotted nylon netting is the industry standard in field netting. Some of it’s most common uses include batting cages, backstops, spectator sideline protection, ball containment, etc.

This strong, high-end knotted nylon netting is available in various thread sizes and netting squares for all levels of play from little league recreation to major league sports, multipurpose field division, sideline protection, and ball containment

All of our custom backstops and baseball batting cage nets are made from Dupont 66-728, 100% twisted knotted nylon netting, which is UV protected, weather treated for extra durability and longevity for outdoor or indoor use.

Standard nets come finished with rope borders around the perimeter of the whole net that is typically weaved in and out of each mesh and fastened in the corners. Also, there is the option to sew the rope borders to the net every mesh. This is done by weaving the rope border in and out of each mesh then sewing the border in with twine, instead of just sewn in the corners. Our nets are made to last with whatever option is chosen. We also provide the option for vinyl borders with grommets, lead core rope and vinyl borders with lead core rope. Our highly reputable nets come finished hung on a square which allows for easy installation as opposed to diamond netting that is very inconsistent in the sizes you order.

Key Features

  • UV stabilized and pressure-dyed
  • Super durable
  • String sizes: #21, #24, #36, #42, #48, #60, #72 or #96

Net Sizes (click here for netting comparisons)

  • 7/8” square – golf or multipurpose
  • 1-1/2″ square – lacrosse or multipurpose
  • 1-7/8” square – baseball
  • 4” square – soccer or football

Netting Options

  • Raw netting
  • Threaded rope border
  • Sewn-in rope border
  • Sewn vinyl border with grommets
  • Sewn lead core rope bottom

Additional Offerings

  • Hardware: including cable, cable hardware, posts, post hardware
  • Installation services
  • Design recommendations


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